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Recovery of malfunctioning hard drives and other storage devices.

No charge unless satisfied.

Pricing: $250.00 flat fee for devices 2TB and under.  Add $50.00 for each additional TB over 2TB to a maximum of $550.00 per drive (8tb and above) -- price is for size of drive not size of contents).  For devices with multiple drives, price is multiplied by the number of drives.  For example, a NAS or RAID with 3 drives, 1TB each, would be $250 x 3 = $750.00.

By appointment.  Please text (preferred) or call: 719-822-2261.  Please confirm appointment before coming in, thank you.


5515 Butler Ct

Colorado Springs, CO 80918 USA

Drives may be shipped to this address. Please include all contact information in the shipping container.  Please package drives well with bubble wrap to prevent damage. If your drive is clicking, beeping, or not spinning, please call DriveSavers 800-440-1904 and give them Code DS25870 for a 10% discount.  They will provide you with a free overnight FedEx label, no charge until you approve the recovery.

No upfront charges and no charge unless satisified. Your privacy is my policy. Your data will never be released to any other person or entity, for any reason, whatsoever, and this policy will not be circumvented. Your recovered data is not inspected nor viewed by anyone but you.

We use Atola Insight recovery equipment to give you the best chance of a meaningful recovery.  Some drives with catastrophic failures may be outsourced to a specialty recovery lab. In this case, there will be no charge from us and you will deal with the lab going forward.  Shipping to the lab is free and our referral gives you a 10% discount on the final fee.

Typical turnaround for our services is 24 hours for most cases.

email: bobby@hollywoodpcrepair.com

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